Time of hunt:  15 April – 30 September, best period April-May
Hunting method:  the hunt is done from the car in the plains and by stalking or by still hunt
                               (by waiting) in the woods.



4/3 hunting days including 3 Roe deer up to gold medal 5.200 US$
4/3 hunting days including 5 Roe deer up to gold medal 8.200 US$
4/3 hunting days including 10 Roe deer up to gold medal 11.500 US$
Extra Roe deer up to gold medal 1.500 US$
4/3 hunting days organization 2.200 US$
Roe deer up to gold medal 1.500 US$

Roe deer gold medal at the following prices-gram system:

400 gr – 449 gr ----------------- 1.500 US$ + 15,0 US$/every gram over 400 gr
450 gr – 499 gr ----------------- 2.250 US$ + 20,0 US$/every gram over 450 gr
500 gr – 549 gr ----------------- 3.250 US$ + 30,0 US$/every gram over 500 gr
      over 550 gr ----------------- 4.750 US$ + 40,0 US$/every gram over 550 gr

Observer, daily 350 US$

Trophy fees

Jackal 1.100 US$
Wild cat 1.850 US$
Badger 950 US$
Fox 350 US$
Wild boar without size limit 1.900 US$
Racka sheep 3.650 US$
Feral goat 2.450 US$

Prices include:
Assistance for settlement of customs formalities at Belgrade airport in arrival and departure, use of 4x4 vehicle during the stay (every hunter with one vehicle), lodging and full board in 3*** hotels or hunting houses, assistance of professional hunter and local game keepers, field preparation and measurement of trophies, hunting permit.

Prices do not include:
Plain tickets, arms imports, rent a rifle 150 US$, ammunition (3 US$/piece), VAT 20% (be added on total bill), tips, drinks and gratuities.
Extra hunting day 550 US$.
The trophy fees should be paid if the animals are wounded and not found.
The hunt is over when the trophy is taken.

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