Time of hunt:  September 1 – December 31, best period September 5–20 (mating season)
Hunting method:  stalking, calling, waiting and driving hunt


8/7 hunting days organization, group 1-4 hunters, per hunter 3.450 US$
European moose trophy fee without point limit 3.950 US$
Brown bear trophy fee without point limit 3.700 US$
Wild boar trophy fee without point limit 1.850 US$
Observer 1.650 US$

Rates include:
Assistance at Moscow airport in arrival and departure, transfers during the hunt including 4x4, lodging and full board in the hunting house, 7 days hunting organization, assistance of professional hunter and local game keepers, first treatment of trophies. The hunt is over when the trophy is taken.

Rates do not include:
Airline tickets to/from Moscow, transfer from airport Moscow to hunting place and back 850 US$ per group (app. 600 km), hotels before and after hunt, arms imports 420 US$ per hunter, veterinary certificate 200 US$ per trophy, transport of trophies to Moscow, taxidermist in Moscow and shipping of trophies, tips, drinks and gratuities.
CITES certificate 500 US$ for every bear trophy.

Wounded but not found animals considered harvested.

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