Time of hunt:  September 15 – December 15
Hunting method:  stalking and waiting, calling in the mating season


5/4 hunting days organization, 1 x 1 2.500 US$
Moose trophy fee without point limit 3.550 US$
Moose mail without horns 1.650 US$
Moose female 1.100 US$
Moose calf 500 US$
Observer, daily 300 US$

Rates include:
Assistance at Talin airport in arrival and departure, all transfers during the stay, lodging and full board in hotels or hunting houses (double rooms), hunt organization, assistance of local game keepers and professional hunter, hunting licence, first treatment of trophy.

Rates do not include:
Plain tickets, arms imports, additional hunting day 550 US$, rent a rifle with ammo 150 US$, VAT 20% (be added on total bill), tips, drinks and gratuities.
The trophy fees should be paid if the animals are wounded and not found.
The hunt is over when the trophy is taken.

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